Certificate of Need (CON) Repeal

This summer, the Coalition to Repeal CON (a registered non-profit entity in which IndeDocs members participated) secured a significant victory by fulfilling their purpose and repealing the Certificate of Need (CON) bill in the South Carolina Legislature. Patients will now be enabled to decide where to access their healthcare and qualified doctors where they can practice their life-saving skills.

Their purpose fulfilled, the coalition has now shut down their website a complete success and proof that together, we can make a visible impact upon the medical landscape. IndeDocs members were a proud part of this coalition and will continue to support similar causes in the future. 

CON Repeal In The News

Dr. Hochman’s article discusses the South Carolina House’s approval of a bill to repeal Certificate of Need (CON) requirements in the state. The article emphasizes the potential benefits of this repeal, such as increased competition and improved healthcare access. Dr. Hochman encourages readers to explore how eliminating CON regulations may positively impact the healthcare landscape in South Carolina.

Dr. Hochman advocates for the repeal of South Carolina’s Certificate of Need (CON) program, arguing that it limits healthcare competition. In his article, he emphasizes that removing CON regulations would empower patients, fostering innovation, and improving access to medical services. Dr. Hochman contends that a more open healthcare market would drive efficiency, lower costs, and ultimately prioritize patients over institutional interests, urging readers to consider the benefits of embracing a patient-centric approach to healthcare policy.

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