As physicians who value the autonomy and patient-centric approach of independent practice, we are excited to introduce you to the IndeDocs Board of Directors. These passionate advocates for independent medicine have dedicated their careers to upholding the doctor-patient relationship as the most important tenet of medicine. We invite you to become a member of IndeDocs and join forces with these influential leaders.

Dr. Marcelo Hochman - IndeDocs President

President of Independent Doctors of South Carolina, Dr. Marcelo Hochman is a double Board-certified head, neck, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, founder of Charleston’s Facial Surgery Center, and Past President of the Charleston County Medical Society.

Dr. Hochman’s mission: To put the power of choice back into the hands of patients and physicians and disrupt the healthcare bureaucracy that controls and limits options. 

Specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery, Dr. Hochman provides pro-bono care for children with vascular anomalies as the Founder and Medical Director of the Hemangioma International Treatment Center.

Through IndeDocs, Dr. Hochman promotes the independent practice of medicine to improve patient experiences and ensure that patients and physicians have alternatives and access to high-quality, doctor-driven care. IndeDocs unites tenured colleagues with doctors-in-training to provide valuable advocacy, assistance, and continued education, protecting the interests of doctors and patients into the future and building better medicine, not better business.

A fierce advocate for a healthcare system rooted in the choice of where, how, and with whom doctors and patients practice and receive care, Dr. Hochman champions legislative projects such as Certificate of Need repeal, the prohibition of economic credentialing and non-compete clauses, and tax incentives for individual doctors who provide pro-bono medical care. 

Dr. Hochman believes that everyone deserves to have the freedom to make choices for their own care and practice. By improving the options in healthcare today, we will create better medicine and better physicians in every community.

He has continuously been listed in “The Best Doctors in America” and has received The Order Of The Palmetto – South Carolina’s highest award for his medical work.

Dr. Hochman and his wife of 20 years are parents to three adult sons and currently live in Charleston, South Carolina. When he’s not in the operating room, teaching, or championing healthcare reform, you can find him enjoying the perfect glass of wine or coffee, occasionally indulging his love of fine cigars, and listening to all genres of music on his porch.

  • Founded, led the effort, and was the spokesperson for ActionPPE.org – a local project which morphed into a national distribution of PPE to independent practices during the pandemic.
  • Charleston County Medical Society (CCMS) President: 2018-2021
  • Founder and led efforts for RepealCON.org – the efforts culminated in the repeal of CON in South Carolina

Dr. Oscar Lovelace - Founder of IndeDocs

Dr. Lovelace, a rural family physician named the National Family Physician of the Year in 2015  with a passion for obstetrics, sees the detrimental effects of physician practice buyouts. He firmly believes that the independence of physicians is crucial in preserving the doctor-patient relationship, reducing costs, and improving the quality of medical care in America.

Dr. James Dickson

With over 30 years of experience as a highly respected Ophthalmologist, Dr. Dickson has seen the value of the private practice model firsthand. He is deeply committed to exceptional patient care and believes that maintaining the patient-doctor relationship is best achieved through independent practice.

Dr. Hugh Durrence

As a registered pharmacist, board-certified family physician, and certified physician investigator, Dr. Durrence is dedicated to providing patient-centered care in his private practice. He values the autonomy and open communication that independent practice allows, and he is actively working with other independent physicians to promote the benefits of private practice.

Dr. Daniel Rosner

Dr. Rosner is a skilled and highly respected Otolaryngologist, who brings extensive experience in otolaryngology/head and neck surgery. He has been a trusted practitioner at Coastal Carolina Otolaryngology since 1995, and his commitment to the private practice model aligns perfectly with IndeDocs’ mission. 

Dr. Eveline “Dede” Waring

Dr. Waring, an accomplished endocrinologist, understands the challenges and opportunities faced by independent physicians. As the President of Carolinas Society of Endocrinologists, she advocates for the importance of independent practice in providing high-quality, patient-centered care commitment to the private practice model aligns perfectly with IndeDocs’ mission. 


Morris E. Brown III has a B.S. in Chemistry from Norfolk State University and a doctorate from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk. Though he’s from Virginia, Brown has called South Carolina home for nearly three decades and is renowned for his dedication to providing healthcare in rural areas. He has been the medical director and owner of Lake City Family Medicine for 27 years.

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